Encapsio, a startup focused on new technology to deliver active ingredients in product formulation, prevailed over five other finalists in the Big Launch Challenge.

The competition, which took place at the Research Triangle Park headquarters, is co-sponsored by RTP-based First Flight Venture Center and the Launch Place in Danville, Va.

Encapsio received $20,000.

Ascent Bio-Nano Technologies took second and a prize of $10,000.

Over 30 companies applied to participate in the third annual event. ​

“Based on the number of inquiries, The Big Launch Challenge has become a highly anticipated event in the region,” said Eva Doss,CEO of The Launch Place. “Not only does the competition provide entrepreneurs with prize money, but it also serves as a platform for them to learn about The Launch Place’s entrepreneurship services and investment opportunities in Danville, Virginia.”

Here are profiles of the first- and second-place finishers:

  • Encapsio

Encapsio produces premium silicone microspheres for the encapsulation, protection, and delivery of active ingredients in product formulations. Unlike other technologies, our proprietary method allows for the production of spheres that can not only effectively deliver compounds, but improve the aesthetics of the product, are cost effective, and scalable. Due to our ability to encapsulate and deliver a variety of compounds, our spheres have applications in industries ranging from pharmaceuticals to agrochemicals, but we are currently focused on topical applications for skin care. Our first product is a retinol-encapsulated microsphere that we will supply to cosmetic brands and cosmetic ingredient distributors.

  • Ascent Bio-Nano Technologies

Ascent Bio-Nano Technologies, Inc. is a research spin-off from the Pennsylvania State University formed in 2012. The mission is to develop gentle and safe cell and particle separation research tool and medical device. The company motto is Innovation for Impact. Our passion is to commercialize world leading acoustofluidics technologies to advance research, enhance health and improve life quality. The current focus is to develop blood component separation system for transfusion and cellular therapies. Our blood processing system and disposable processing kits are based on patented acoustofluidic technologies.

The other finalists were:

  • Clinical Sensors, Inc.
  • Myxx, Inc.
  • Medlio
  • Reveal Mobile