Make permitting requirements easy to access and give contractors the ability to pull permits online, from anywhere is the goal of PermitZone. Investors obviously like the idea.

In a surprise during the closing luncheon at the CED Tech Venture conference in Raleigh, CED CEO and president Joan Seifert Rose disclosed that Amazon was giving $100,000 in services to one of the presenting startups at the event.

Rose said without the startups aware of it, the CED chose six investors to select a winner. They nominated 14 of the presenting companies.

PermitZone was named the winner.

The Mytrle Beach, S.C.-based startup focuses on permitting solutions.

“With multiple disparate datasets and a simple interface, we provide a free online look-up tool for anyone to use. With two questions, where is the work to be performed and what type of work is being completed, contractors know what building department the property is located in, all the permitting requirements, forms, inspections, and have the ability to pull a permit online for a small transaction fee,” the company says.

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