Lenovo and its Motorola smartphone group are getting credit for delivering a scoop about the new iPhone 7 specs, which Apple is expected to announce Wednesday.

And, as one would expect, Motorola says its devices are better (larger screen, better camera, 30-hour battery, etc.).

Some iPhone 7 specs, according to the Moto folks:

  • 5.5 inch screen
  • 4x digital zoom camera
  • 256 gigs of memory
  • Mono speakers
  • Bigger battery capacity

The photo cited by Softpedia showed up on the Twitter account of Steve Hemmerstoffer ( https://twitter.com/stagueve?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor ) who cites Chinas social media giant Weibo as the source.

(For more leaks, see: https://twitter.com/hashtag/iPhone7Plus?src=hash )

Anyone following the smartphone business knows that leaks about new devices are extremely common – so much so that a lot of companies are said to be leaking information to friendly reporters.

But it’s not often that a company is as blatant about leaking a rival’s details as Motorola did at a recent press conference for hits own new devices when speakers displayed a slide on a huge screen breaking down iPhone 7 specs.

“Lenovo has become what could be the first official source confirming some iPhone 7 specs, as its Motorola unit published a graph comparing the technical specifications of flagship devices currently on the market or soon-to-be-launched with the Moto Z,” website Softpedia reported early Tuesday.

Motorola boasts its camera has a larger screen (7 inches) and also says the Moto Z compares favorably to Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 (which faces battery recall woes).

Softpedia notes that Lenovo’s disclosure is adding credence to rumors that Apple plans to offer only three amounts of storage on iPhones going forward (32, 128, 256 GB).

A stronger batter is “welcome,” Softpedia adds, again citing Motorola as the source.

“[I]f Lenovo is right, then this threshold could finally be reached to offer at least one full day of autonomy,” Softpedia reports

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By the way, here are the latest Moto Z specs:


Might want to keep those handy for sake of comparison once Apple makes the new iPhone official.