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Our next three events are full of impactful people and useful information to help you build your startup in Wilmington NC and to help build our evolving economy.

1. Sept 7th with Bobby Martin invite information below,

2. October 4,5,6 w 500 startups accelerator cofounder Paul Singh and his investor friends with only multiday tour stop in North Carolina will be in Wilmington NC

3. November 9 – 10 w Cucalorus Connect and 10 x 10 films.

Next event Sept 7

Mark Cuban is known for saying “Sales Cures ALL” and of course big sales revenue will attract investor attention and give you more leverage in investor negotiations.

We have all seen or created that investor pitch presentation where the sales revenue slide has that hockey stick looking prediction that as the startup matures the sales dramatically rise. How would you like to actually achieve those kinds of results?

Our September speaker Bobby Martin, from Raleigh but with some Wilmington roots, has studied and interviewed great regional entrepreneurs such as Doug Lebda of LendingTree, Ryan Allis of iContact and executives at Under Armour to find the answers.

Bobby Martin is a serial entrepreneur with successful exits. And an active angel investor.

I met Bobby recently at a VentureHacked.com event in Raleigh and when he spoke about the book at the new NEST coworking space in Raleigh.

Learn more about the book at:


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[Sponsors of the event: Adam Shay CPA, Doug Scholer (patent attorney), Brooks Malone of Hughes Pittman Gupton (Accounting) Merrill Mason (Smith Anderson Law), TechCXO.com, a fractional executive company, CommercialInteriors.net, local office furniture company, Ward and Smith Law Firm, Live Oak Bank, Wolfe Wealth Management and the Fisher Family Foundation.]

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