Veteran entrepreneur Eric Boggs’ second startup, RevBoss, has already secured $1.1 million in financing as he seeks to grow the two-year-old venture focused on sales prospecting software.

RevBoss is among the presenters at the upcoming CED Tech Venture conference.

Boggs’ first venture was Argyle Social.

This Q&A series of conference presenters is a partnership between the Council for Entrepreneurial Development and WRAL TechWire.

  • What is the focus of your business?

RevBoss builds sales prospecting software that helps B2B sales teams find targeted prospects, generate sales pipeline, and close more deals.

  • What is the top pain point/business application you are seeking to address?

Outbound prospecting is an incredibly complicated sales process that is very effective when well executed.

RevBoss combines key elements of the sales prospecting process — prospect data, sales workflow, and integrations — into a single SaaS offering. This makes the prospecting process faster, easier, and more effective for sales teams.

  • What makes it unique?

We’re building an “auto-personalize” feature that automatically merges personalized content into outbound prospecting emails.

The process requires no research or input from the sales rep and lifts prospect reply by 60% — this generates more engaged prospects and saves tons of time for sales reps.

  • Why should investors be interested in your firm?

We grew revenue 50% in the first half of 2016 and did so without a product and with a one-person sales team. We launched our product in August and have started to ramp up our growth efforts, plus we still have most of our $1.1M seedround still in the bank — so we expect that the next few months will be very exciting for RevBoss and our customers.

Business facts:

  • Website –
  • Email address for inquiries –
  • Physical address – 212 W Main St, Suite 303, Durham, NC 27702
  • CEO’s name – Eric Boggs
  • Watch introductory video at: