More than 800,000 user names and email addresses were stolen from Epic Games forums, the second time they have been hacked, according to ZDNet. The company said most of the passwords are not easily read or crackable, however.

Raleigh-based Epic makes the Unreal Engine and the hacker stole 808,000 accounts, half a million from the Unreal forums.

In a statement about the hack, Epic writes: “We believe a recent Unreal Engine and Unreal Tournament forum compromise revealed email addresses and other data entered into the forums, but no passwords in any form, neither salted, hashed, nor plaintext. While the data contained in the vBulletin account databases for these forums were leaked, the passwords for user accounts are stored elsewhere. These forums remain online and no passwords need to be reset.”

That’s not the case for its legacy forums covering Infinity Blade, UDK, previous Unreal Tournament games, and archived Gears of War forums, Epic said. That “compromise,” it reports, “revealed email addresses, salted hashed passwords and other data entered into the forums. If you have been active on these forums since July 2015, we recommend you change your password on any site where you use the same password.”

The company added that, “We don’t believe that other Epic related forums were affected, including Paragon, Fortnite, Shadow Complex, and SpyJinx.”

In the comments to its statement on its web site, a forum user said he’d seen “millions of failed login try s to my email account (in the last few days)…great really.”

Security commentators say the hack is a result of unpatched and out-of-date forums.

Epic statement about the hack: said the hack occurred August 11. The hack exploited a known SQL injection vulnerability that provided access to the full database with user names, scrambled passwords email addresses, birthdates, and user activity data from the forums. The hacker also got Facebook tokens from those who signed in with Facebook accounts.

A hack of Epic’s forums last year saw data from thousands of accounts stolen. See: