Dig South says it’s found “11 Southern beverage startups with thirst quenching concoctions to help you beat the heat well into an Indian summer.” And two Triangle startups crack the list:

  • Slingshot Coffee
  • Mati Energy

“With heat and humidity that lingers six months out of the year, it’s no wonder Southern cities have birthed refreshing favorites like sweet tea, Coca-Cola, and Cheerwine,” Dig South, which is based in Charleston, S.C., notes.”But as soda and sugary drinks fade out of favor, a new generation of drink makers has accepted the challenge to improve upon tradition.”

About Slingshot Coffee, Dig South notes:

“Launched in 2012, the startup is quickly becoming a mainstay in the coffee world. They snagged a $400K investment in 2015, have been featured on Huffington Post, Good Morning America, and Bon Appetit (to name a few), and recently won the Southern Living Southern Food & Drink Entrepreneur Award at the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival.”

About Mati, Dig South points out:

“After securing a partnership with Carolina Beverage Group and raising over $1M in 2015 (including a $100K personal investment from Steve Case after winning Google Demo Day), Mati upped production on their healthy energy drink, which blends natural fruit juice with Guayasa, and is now sold in most Whole Foods around the Southeast.”

Check out the full report at:

11 Southern Beverage Startups to Quench Your Thirst