In a blog post, Spoonflower’s own “skunkworks” team talks about the Durham startup’s venture into do-it-yourself design home decor through the Roostery.

“An exciting new way to see, share, and sell your Spoonflower designs,” is how Roostery defines its mission in the blog posted Monday.

“In preparation for our official launch later this month, The Roostery team has been hard at work making updates. You can now search the Spoonflower Marketplace on, preview any design on a 3D product model, and peruse themed medley collections,” the Roostery team says.

“But, the change we think you’ll be most excited about is that we now have My Designs and designer shops.”

News of The Roostery is not new. Spoonflower disclosed plans for Roostery last December.

A small team developed the concept within Spoonflower, labeling itself a “skunkworks” (secretive) effort.

Now Spoonflower and Roostery are gearing up for full-scale launch.

“Founded in December 2015, Roostery is building a unique home décor marketplace where you’ll be able to select from over 350,000 indie surface designs or upload your own patterns and bring them to life on an array of home décor products,” Spoonflower says.

“We plan to offer a wide array of custom-made home décor products, from throw pillows and tea towels to chairs and couches to duvets and sheets. All of our products will be created with Spoonflower fabric, printed in Durham, NC, and then custom made in the United States.”

The Roostery brings another product line to Spoonflower, which has been growing quickly but went through a recent reboot, laying off 18 percent of its work force.

At the Roostery, consumers can create and buy their own “pillows, napkins, tea towels and more,” Spoonflower says.

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An exciting new way to see, share, and sell your Spoonflower designs

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