AT&T has talked a great deal in recent months about the growth of its GigaPower ultra-fast Internet service in the Triangle and North Carolina. A new interactive map makes it easier to find out if you can get it.

The latest interactive map from AT&T shows where apartment and condo residents can receive ultra-fast Internet access. The map joins an earlier offering that tells home owners and renters if service is available for specific addresses.

A search of the 27604 area code in Raleigh, for example, shows hundreds of locations where apartment or MDU (multi-dweller units) residents.

AT&T unveiled the latest map as competition continues to increase in the Triangle as well as other markets.

Gigabit providers offering service already in the region include Frontier and CenturyLink. Coming soon are Google Fiber and Ting.

“We’re expanding our 100% fiber AT&T GigaPower network to reach at least 56 major metro areas from coast to coast. Today, over 425,000 apartments and condos across the U.S. can access internet speeds up to 1 gigabit per second and AT&T TV service over our AT&T GigaPower network,” AT&T says in a blog post announcing the new map.

“Now you can easily find apartments and condos that have AT&T GigaPower on our interactive map. You can search for apartments by zip code or use the map to zoom in from a national to a local view.”

AT&T (NYSE: T) also is using the map to encourage apartment and MDU owners to explore adding fiber to their buildings/neighborhoods.

“Apartment owners and communities often ask how they can make their property more valuable by bringing faster speeds to their residents,” the company says.

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