Recently, I had a cup of coffee with an entrepreneur whom I knew but hadn’t previously spent a bunch of time with—our paths just never crossed until a couple weeks ago.

He’s a technical entrepreneur, sharp as hell, but has spent his career hitting self-funded singles. Of course there’s nothing wrong with that—he’s doing well for himself. I’m just saying you probably don’t know him.


His latest idea is legit. It’s serious tech that he has architected and built himself. It plays off of technology that’s already been adopted, but he’s taking it in a unique direction. He’s early with the idea, but current enough that what would’ve sounded crazy a year ago makes perfect sense today.

And, you know, good for him. I love that moment.

He just recently brought aboard somebody to handle business development and marketing. The time is right, because while his website does a fantastic job of explaining the how of his tech, it has precious little on the why. Classic tech entrepreneur go-to move.

As we talked and dove deeper into his grand plans, I realized that he’s pulling all the right levers. Except one.

He told me he’s starting his approach by creating a first use case—for entrepreneurs.


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