Durham-based RevBoss, founded as a consulting company in 2014, has launched its first product –software as a service that allows B2B firms to push a button and get a sales pipeline.

”Our software helps our customers drive revenue by accelerating top-of-the-funnel activity through outbound sales development. We focus on automating process, execution, and optimization so our clients can spend more time on customer development, building relationships, and closing deals,” wrote RevBoss CEO Eric Boggs in an email announcing the product.

Boggs, previously CEO of the now defunct Argyle Social, also a Triangle-based company, tells WRAL Techwire RevBoss started working on the new software about 18 months ago.

New marketing site coming

“It’s a big thing for us, going from a “productized” company to selling products,” he says. The new software is essentially the same RevBoss previously used behind the scenes of its consulting services, he explains. “Now, instead of RevBoss pulling the levers, the customer will. It’s really fast.”

A new marketing site is under development and should launch within 30 days. Boggs said clients will still receive human attention from its staff, although the software product is automated.

The company, which Boggs says grew more than 50 percent in the first half of this year, now has 40 clients. It raised a $1.1 million seed round in Oct. 2015 from Durham and Silicon Valley-based Sovereign Capital with by a trio of well known local angel investors: Robbie Allen, founder of Automated Insights, Bruce Boehm, who also invested in RevBoss Argyle Social, and Alston Gardner, a local partner with Atlanta-based Fulcrum Ventures.

It also previously nabbed an NC IDEA grant.

Money in the bank

Most of the seed money is still in the bank, says Boggs. “We’re tracking to break even by spring of next year. He said his hunch is the company will look to raise a “proper Series A round” next year as well. “We’ll evaluate that at the end of this year.”

The RevBoss software, which starts at $600 a month, provides sales reps with the data and tools to get prospects into their sales systems without the time-consuming busy work that often requires. It finds the right people to contact at a target firm and provides email, phone numbers, and deploys sales outreach emails with messaging that is personalized for each prospect.

“It lets sales reps spend more time making contact, not doing busy work,” Boggs says. He notes that while his company is very focused on sales as a primary vertical, the idea goes beyond sales teams.

Competitors, most with under 15 employees, include LeadGenius in Silicon Valley and Outreach, in Seattle and a handful of others.

The company is based in the American Underground at Main in Durham.

RevBoss is working with ExitEvent to present SalesJam, a half-day sales education conference in Durham on Aug25. Details at http://thesalesjam.com.