Groundwork Labs, which focuses on helping entrepreneurs develop skills needed for building successful startups, is offering a condensed program for those who can’t take part in a full-time offering.

It’s called “After Hours.”

The program will include four sessions focusing on:

  • Customer discovery
  • Business model canvassing
  • Building an “MVP
  • Fundraising

“We often receive promising applications for Groundwork Labs from people who have a great idea, but they are working full time and cannot participate in our full-time program”, said John Austin, director of Groundwork Labs, in announcing the program. “Groundwork Labs After Hours provides those entrepreneurs an opportunity to discover if they can turn their idea into a business.”

Applications will open July 25 and close Aug. 12.

An information session is seg for Aug.2

The traditional program lasts two months.

NC IDEA, which operates Groundwork Labs, explains what participants can expect:

“By the end of the session, an entrepreneur should be able to make a decision to leap full time into their startup and therefore be positioned to apply to an accelerator, apply for an NC IDEA grant, or bootstrap. Or, though it may be disappointing – have the data to decide to fail fast and move on to something else without regrets. The ideal candidate will have a product idea that has the potential to become a scalable business.”

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