North Carolina surges to ninth place nationally in the latest venture statistics from PricewaterhouseCooper’s MoneyTree report. Laura Robinette, Raleigh’s PwC managing partner, talks about what the statistics mean in an exclusive Q&A.

  • Sixteen deals, $124M – good for ninth nationally and 7th straight quarter over $100M: What’s your analysis of VC in NC, looking good?

I am pleased with the results of Q2 funding in the state of NC. This continues the trend we have seen in the state in 2015 and now the first half of 2016. 

I really appreciate the fact that NC is back in the top 10, which means we are getting more market share of the investment dollars.

  • Three deals in Charlotte, two in the mountains, one in Wilmington: Is NC developing a more diverse startup base?

Looking back just three years ago, the Triangle received more than 95% of all VC dollars invested.  Over the past couple of years, we have seen this percentage drop. 

Life Science and Technology investment continue to be centered around the Triangle.

  • About half the money goes to biotech with one big bio deal (G!) but PrecisionHawk, nCino, others seem to show strength for software and other technology. Your thoughts?

Any money invested in our state is a positive of things to come.

I think the traditional industries we once defined are becoming more blended and this is one of the factors that lead to alternative investments.

  • Several startups secured early-stage funding. Sign of good things to come?

Hoping this is a great sign of things to come. Those early stage companies are going to continue to need investments and hopefully will become the future growth engines for our state.