Joe Ovies of WRAL SportsFan joins the crowd for a game of Pokemon Go with hundreds of fans taking over the Durham Bulls Athletic Park on Tuesday. It’s an adventure into the realm of “augmented reality.”

“Take me out to the Poké Ball game,” Ovies wrote.

“Since launching in early July, the Pokémon Go smartphone app has quickly become a national phenomenon. The game takes the basic premise of the 20-year-old Pokémon franchise, collecting and fighting hundreds of virtual characters, into the realm of ‘augmented reality.’

“Turns out the Durham Bulls Athletic Park is crawling with Psyducks, Bulbasaurs, Slowpokes, Magikarps and maybe even a Pikachu.”

To help Pokemon fans find characters, the Bulls opened up the DBAP to players who bought $5 tickets (proceeds to charity) to go hunting.

Some 600 did.

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