The latest PC sales numbers are in – and Lenovo is continuing to grow its sales in the U.S. while driving up market share worldwide even as overall sales for the industry decline. So what’s the world’s top PC seller doing right? A top analyst with research firm Gartner explains in an exclusive Q&A.

Mikako Kitagawa, principal analyst at Gartner, shared her insights with WRAL TechWire following reports from Gartner and IDC which noted similar statistics.

Here’s our Q&A:

  • Regarding your new report, what are the key factors driving Lenovo’s growing strength in the U.S. market?

Few points of their strengths:

Lenovo has been committing to the U.S. expansion for many years while the company had low brand awareness as “Lenovo” in the market. Up till few years ago, people still called Lenovo brand as IBM. I believe Lenovo’s investment and marketing practice have been in the right direction so far.

Lenovo has successfully maintained the brand strength of ThninkPad brand for businesses.

Lenovo has a great line up of 2-1 notebooks (laptops which can be converted to tablet) which has been very popular in the U.S. market. Lenovo is a leader of 201 notebook segment. Their Yoga product family is one of the top brands in this segment.

  • The U.S. market is showing strength. What factors are helping boost sales in the U.S. vs. the global decline elsewhere?

The U.S. has relatively good economy compared to the rest of the world so that IT spending is not restricted.

Because of the economic stability, Windows 10 refresh by businesses can start earlier than other regions. Growth of this quarter is a good indicator of this trend.

The U.S. does not have currency issues (obviously) like European and Latin America markets have faced. Thus, there is no price hike of PCs.

  • Lenovo has again grown its global market share even as PC sales for it and others fell. What comfort if any can Lenovo take in a growing market share?

The PC market is a market for the large operation as economy of scale matters. This quarter is the first time that top 6 vendor’s total share went beyond 75%.

Not just Lenovo, but all top 3 vendors increased the share, and this will continue as the size matters in this market.

  • As the PC market seems to be stabilizing, is Lenovo positioned well with products to capitalize on a resurgence in business?

Yes, Lenovo is one of the top business PC suppliers which can provide PCs with services in the global level.

With its ThinkPad product family (one of the top brands) in the business market, Lenovo’s position in the business market will be pretty strong going forward.