Twitter, open source, tech news sites and social media lit up Wednesday as a surprise, real wedding brought to a close Red Hat’s annual summit in San Francisco. Yes, a real red wedding – but no blood as in “Game of Thrones.”

Some media are calling the wedding a “first” for a tech show. It certainly was a hit online.

So a new career for top Hatter execs ahead?

Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst had a starring role as the ring bearer. (Will he be nicknamed Frodo now?)

Officiating the ceremony was Paul Cormier, a Red Hat executive vice president. (Call him High Sparrow?)

Red Hat identified the groom as Matt Hargrave, an engineer with GM Financial, and the bride as Shannon Montague. Both are from Texas.

How they showed up on stage with senior Red Hat execs involved in the nuptials remain unclear.

“Sorry,” says Red Hat media relations exec Emily Stancil, “don’t have all those details yet.”

However, there is video of the ceremony. It runs about 10 minutes.

Watch it at:

Attendees and media were stunned as the ceremony unfolded.

“It’s not uncommon for tech companies to pull out all the stops to make an impression at their big mega-events,” wrote Business Insider’s Matt Weinberger. “But a wedding is a new one by me.”

​(For you non-Game of Thrones fans, the “Red Wedding” episode – spoiler alert – was a real massacre. The High Sparrow is one mean religious fanatic. As for Frodo – I really don’t have to tell you who that is, do I? Check out Lord of the Rings, if you don’t know.)