MATI, the fast-growing energy drink startup launched by Tatiana Birgisson, is looking to boost sales with a swag campaign. Send MATI referrals, get free prizes.

Birgisson launched the campaign over the weekend.

The swag campaign is a precursor to a planned national rollout of MATI drink in three flavors through Amazon. That launch is set for July 4.

“We’re doing a massive campaign to drive awareness and grow our fan base,” she wrote in an email.

“I’d really appreciate your help :)”

The more referrals you submit, the more prizes you can earn.

The national rollout follows MATI’s successful venture capital fund raising of more than $1 million and the opening of a production facility in Johnston County.

Some of the prizes:

  • Entry to Win

3 Months Supply of MATI and a cool Shirt to show off

  • 5 Referrals

Shirt + Can

Get a MATI shirt and a can of MATI for only 5 shares!

  • 10 Referrals

Shirt + Three Pack

Try each of the new MATI flavors along with your shirt.

  • 20 Referrals

Shirt + 12-Pack

We’ll send you a full case of MATI with your shirt!

  • 30 Referrals

72 MATIs + Shirt

Six cases of MATI? Keep energized through the summer!

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