Lenovo, which unveiled an augmented reality smartphone last week, is making another play in the AR space. It’s among the investors in Silicon Valley startup Meta, which raised $50 million in a new round of funding.

Horizons Ventures Limited, Tencent, Banyan Capital, Comcast Ventures, and GQY also invested.

“It is incredibly gratifying to have the support of big thinkers and investors who understand the importance of creating a new human-computer interface, anchored in science,” said Meron Gribetz, CEO of Meta.

“Our friends at Tencent, Lenovo, Horizons Ventures, Comcast Ventures and all the other investors really get what we’re doing and why Meta is different from the other players in AR. They understand that the combination of our advanced optical engines along with our neuroscience-based interface design approach are what will create a computing experience that is 100x easier to use and more powerful than traditional form factors.”

Meta unveiled its Meta 2 AR headset earlier this year and plans to begin selling it later in 2016.

Meta describes its technology as a “natural machine that builds on the principles of neuroscience to create a completely intuitive experience that transforms how people work, play, communicate and engage with each other.”

Meta, which launched in 2012, raised an earlier $23 million round.