Words can’t adequately describe all the innovations Lenovo displays at its “Tech World” event. So how do you tell the story best?

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In reviewing Tech World, which took place in San Francisco on Thursday, The Skinny was impressed, if at times not blown away, by some of the new tech toys and advances Lenovo put on display.

Most of the media attention is still focused on the Phab 2 phone that embraces 3D augmented reality and will be the first Lenovo-branded smartphone sold in the U.S. ($500, later this summer.) And it is dazzling.

Watch the video here:

Lenovo’s summary: “We’re excited to introduce the #Phab2Pro, the world’s first #Tango smartphone. #LenovoTechWorld
The #Phab2Pro has a dazzling 6.4″ QHD IPS display & 454 PPI for sharp images, even in the sunlight.”

But there was much, much more.

For example, bendable screens – adding a whole new dimension to “detachables” and tablets.

Watch the video at:

Lenovo’s summary: “Lenovo came out with the first convertible 2-in-1 Yoga laptop in 2012. In 2014, we made it even better and the “watchband” hinge was born. But what’s next, you ask? Here we present our newest innovations: the C+ and Folio. Bye bye hinge, hello foldable screens.”

For all of us Fitbit users and avid runners/walkers, we know the challenges of watching the best, most accurate data about our workouts. So what might help?

Lenovo’s talking “smart shoes.”

Watch the video at:

Lenovo’s summary: “We are your trusty partner at work. We relax with you while you binge watch your favorite show at home. And now, we keep you healthy, stylish and fit. Introducing our new Smart Shoes: LED lights, data tracking and gaming functions, and of course, all the comfort and style that you deserve.”

And let’s not leave out smart homes.

Lenovo’s making a play there, too.

Watch the video at:

Lenovo’s summary: “Imagine a future. A future where you can control your home at the tip of your fingers or through your voice. A future where you can monitor your own health, check the weather report and touch up on your make-up all at once. Well, perhaps that future is just around the corner.”