RTI International is acquiring Syntegrity, a Canada-based firm that focuses on what it calls “global orchestration” services – i.e., working with clients to solve problems, transform, innovate and mobilize “in a good way.”

The deal, which was announced Monday, adds to RTI’s capabilities of helping customers research and implement new solutions and strategies, the global research firm says.

Financial terms were not disclosed.

Syntegrity has developed what RTI calls a “non-consulting, proprietary large group method” to bring together people over periods of 2-to-3 days to collaborative tackle and solve issues. Clients include Fortune 500 companies and public sector organizations.

Here’s how Syntegrity describes what it does:

“We exist to make fast wisdom and fast mobilization a mainstream capability and expectation.

“There is a powerful alternative to relying exclusively on the talents of task forces, facilitators and management consultants.

“And that is because Syntegrity has solved a very big, until recently, insurmountable problem: often times, you have to focus many people on a problem. But large groups do not work well together. They do not work fast together. They do not live up to their combined potential. They do not produce something that’s greater than the sum of their parts.

“Syntegrity has broken the limits of large group interaction. We have the only proven process for getting large groups to co-create high quality solutions in an efficient, systematic manner. We have a dramatically faster way for you to solve your important challenges and mobilize people.”

What is Syntegration?

Syntegration has 4 key ingredients:

1. A Central Question, which represents some macro challenge, issue, or initiative
2. A large, carefully chosen group of participants with the necessary diversity of knowledge, experience, and influence
3. A highly structured process to allow everyone to surface and absorb everything that matters
4. A mathematically engineered, underlying network that connects everything and everyone.

Watch an explanatory video at:

Source: Syntegrity

RTI President Wayne Holden said clients of both firms will benefit from the deal.

“RTI helps organizations address the world’s most complex scientific and societal challenges. Syntegrity’s methodology is proven to help organizations quickly mobilize around their most complex challenges,” Holden said in a statement.

“Syntegrity tools and technologies will be a valued benefit to RTI clients, and Syntegrity clients will benefit from the additional research and analysis capabilities of RTI, as well as the involvement of RTI subject matter experts in its customer engagements.”

Syntegrity’s CEO David Komlos will lead the group as an RTI subsidiary.