If you were in downtown Durham any time during Moogfest last month, you may have passed by a giant tent sheltering an assortment of LED rods.

Even though it was officially part of the festival, the neon display had no barriers to entry for the curious passerby, with or without a wristband. Visitors could touch the sculpture and trigger colored light patterns to explode toward the rods’ apex and, when multiple people interacted with the sculpture at once, the colors would merge into a sort of dancing animation. There was also a location-based Snapchat filter that appeared when visitors stood in front of the piece.

The free and inviting aesthetic exuded by the installation was one of the festival’s most engaging activities.
Los Angeles curator Megan Steinman, who helped organize Convergence, remembers seeing a group of kindergartners cheering, “Energy! Energy! Energy!” as they touched the rods and watched the colors change.

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