Fresh from closing on a new round of $4.1 million in venture funding, Windsor Circle CEO explains what he plans to do with the funding.

Windsor Circle focuses on predictive lifecycle and retention marketing technology, noting its technology enables clients to better capitalize on customer data.

“You don’t have to have a PhD to keep your customers,” the company says. And Williamson wants to make the firm’s proprietary technology even smarter.

In a Q&A, Williamson discusses the plan, talks about getting a new investor, hiring plans (he says the company now has 75 employees) and how quickly Windsor Circle is growing.

  • How do you plan to invest the funds?

We’ve been working hard on unlocking the data in the ecommerce ecosystem and applying data science to it. We’re now knocking out the last mile of making it really simple to use that data.

As Predictive Lifecycle and Retention Marketing hits the mainstream, marketers will demand full access to the data but with minimal tolerance for lengthy or error-prone integrations, plausible data science that can truly demonstrate lift, and easy to use technology that is built w/ the marketer in mind.

We’ve had great success with our new automator framework and our newly released dashboards, and are excited about releasing significantly more easy to use product into the market with these funds.

  • Are you adding jobs?

We are always seeking the best talent to help us fulfill our mission of making data accessible to every marketer. Please have your readers visit

  • Any new investors? How does that encourage you?

Alerion out of Charleston joined this round, and of course we read that as a very positive signal.

The fundraising environment is tightening up, and we are honored by our investors continued belief in our vision and our team’s ability to execute on that vision.

  • How is business so far this year?

We continue to expand business with our largest clients, we continue to add great logos, and we’re seeing lots of clients reporting in ROI in the 6x-10x range.

We feel well positioned versus our competition and are excited about next steps.