In creator Josh Hein’s words, his Caruca is a “patent pending, single rider, electric cart on which the rider stands to operate.”

In appearance, the Caruca looks like the illegitimate offspring of a golf cart and a Segway, but (thankfully) performs more similarly to the former. According to Hein, however, the vehicle he hopes to bring to life via a Kickstarter campaign this spring offers a suite of distinct advantages over the traditional golf cart.

The idea started as many business ventures and deals do—on the golf course. Hein is a busy guy. He has a wife and 18-month-old child at home, not to mention a full time job as a corporate sales manager at Citrix. Golf was one of his favorite outlets and hobbies, but as a self-admittedly impatient guy, he was frustrated the game took so long and kept him away from his family.

One day, he came to the course equipped with a notebook and a mission. He played hole after hole, writing down every event where he felt he was losing time. What he found again and again was that he was “waiting on the tee box for the guys in front of me to find and hit their balls.”

Basically, when you have a bunch of people in multi-person carts all having to wait their turn to find their ball, it slows down the game pace. And he was having none of it. That’s when the idea for the Caruca was born. Never doubt the innovation that being sweaty and impatient can bring about.

To raise funds to begin tooling and set up manufacturing, Hein is running a Kickstarter campaign through May 14. He hopes to raise at least $20,000 and is near the halfway mark with 22 days left to go. He’s got stretch goals all the way up to $200,000, which would cover an initial production run, sales and marketing.

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