Only 21 percent of consumers say marketing messages they receive are “usually relevant.” How can your company improve that percentage?

Silverpop an email marketing firm owned by IBM, has just published a new whitepaper offering potential trends for 2016.

“Most marketers understand this must change, with 88 percent agreeing that their organization’s growth ultimately depends on personalization and better customer knowledge,” Silverpop, which is based in Atlanta, reports.

“The challenge is that only 37 percent feel they have the tools they need to provide exceptional customer service and experiences.”

The whitepaper published to address those questions is titled: “10 Key Marketing Trends for 2016 and Ideas for Delivering Exceptional Customer Experiences”

Here are the trends:

  • Trend #1: Cognitive technologies will change the way businesses engage with customers
  • Trend #2: Delivering a connected customer experience becomes increasingly critical for companies
  • Trend #3: Retargeting reaches unprecedented levels of cross-channel sophistication
  • Trend #4: Social and automation will combine in new ways to improve the customer journey
  • Trend #5: Video moves to center stage in the marketing mix
  • Trend #6: Top companies bust the myth of the marketing suite
  • Trend #7: Leading marketers use predictive technology to further distance their companies from the pack
  • Trend #8: Internet of Things appliances and sensors become a real factor in customer engagement and data collection.
  • Trend #9: Loyalty programs expand across channels and touch points
  • Trend #10: Look-alike modeling transforms the role of social in list growth

Trend ideas from customers:

  • Customized digital ads make it easier to extend personalized journeys.
  • Responsive email frameworks evolve.

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