So I’ve got a new project, although “new” is kind of a misnomer. I came up with the idea for Teaching Startup at roughly the same time I came up with the idea for ExitEvent, back in 2009. I registered both domains within a week of each other, but ExitEvent had so much early momentum that Teaching Startup quickly made its way to the back burner.

I spent the next five years building ExitEvent and Automated Insights to acquisition. I sold ExitEvent in late 2013, and Automated Insights was acquired in early 2015.

So the time for Teaching Startup is now. The website is bare-bones, the vibe is still very much evolving, and most of the talk is behind closed doors and will stay there for another few months. But if you’re reading this, there are three things I’d really like from you right now, if you would oblige:

1) Join Teaching Startup as an early-adopter by getting on the mailing list. I’m not even going to start sending emails for a while, but you’ll be in the front group. 

2) Follow Teaching Startup on Twitter @TeachingStartup. This is where I’ll update the progress as things come together over the next few months.

3) Like the Teaching Startup Facebook Page. This is where you’ll be able to provide early feedback.

A little backstory — While I’m just about out of ExitEvent after a decent handoff and incredible growth on the part of American Underground, I’m still full-time building Automated Insights to the next level. We were acquired by a private equity firm and great things are expected of us. We’re still a startup, for all intents and purposes. I’ve still got a lot of startup left to do, probably even more than before we were acquired.

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