What is an “unconference?´ You will get a chance to find out in mid April.

On Saturday, April 16, several regional high profile companies and organizations will partner to put on a product development, product management, and product marketing “un-conference” called ProductCampRTP at the MetLife Building in Cary.

It’s an un-conference because participants are speakers, volunteers, and sponsors. Over 220 people are expected to attend as registration is now open and 70 percent of tickets have been claimed.

Founded in 2008, ProductCampRTP is an active participatory event reaching out to the Product Development, Product Management, Product Marketing, business development, entrepreneurial communities in the Triangle and beyond.

Participants will be able to network with other professionals and share best practices on how to deliver a new product from concept to market. Participants can expect discussions on product development, innovation, patents, marketing and big data.

Ajit Sivadasan, vice president and general manager of Lenovo e-commerce, will deliver the keynote address.

Sivadasan manages the Global Web strategy for Lenovo across 70+ countries. In his role he manages Lenovo’s online sales across its B2C and B2B channels.

For the last 9 years he built Lenovo’s web capabilities working with an internal team spread across 10 countries, growing the business 4x and profits by over 8x. Lenovo.com has won several awards for Usability and Design recently.

If participants would like to be speakers at the event, bring a story of your product development to commercialization and touch upon innovation, best practices, wins/losses, personas, training, tools, project management using agile, or six sigma, lean.
Throughout the day long event, there will be food, drink and prizes supplied by the generous sponsors.
For more information about the event to register, become a speaker, volunteer or a sponsor please visit http://productcamprtp.org/about/