Fortune magazine in its locations of interest feature for March looks at five tech startups to watch in Durham, in the latest of a slew of kudos for the Bull City.

“The old tobacco town is smoking with tech,” the magazine says, noting the Durham is home to tech companies large and small, ranging from IBM and EMC, to the startups part of the American nderground at the American Tobacco campus.

The five startups and highlights are:

  • CloudFactory, which sells software that helps with on-demand tasks such as video captioning for ESPN.
  • CloudTunes, which makes a mobile app that lets a music venue’s patrons bid on the music they want to hear, whether at a bar restaurant or university.
  • Shoeboxed, which helps more than 1 million people digitize business cards and receipts.
  • SoloPro, which is a no commission real estate service, that raised $1 .6 million from investors that included Lowe’s.
  • First, which offers predictive intelligence to new homebuyers. It analyzes data about the buyers so that it can message them when they are most likely to buy a new home.

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