Moogfest, which is coming to Durham in May to put on a four-day music and entertainment festival, is offering a new app to help fans mix their own music tracks. Durham-based Smashing Boxes is helping turning the Moogfest website into a real mixer.

Dubbed “_substrate,” the site really becomes an “instrument,” backers say.

They’ve even provided a YouTube tutorial on how to use “_substrate..”

Various Moogfest artists will be featured in the remix experience, which organizers say extends beyond audio to building a 3D visual showcase as well.

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The site “allows fans to manipulate individual audio tracks by swiping, tapping, and clicking the screen, resulting in a totally unique audio and 3D visual experience for each user,” Moogfest says.

“The experience launches with a remix by The Haxan Cloak (Moses Sumney’s cover of Laurie Anderson’s “O Superman”), and will expand in the coming months to feature other Moogfest artists.”

Here’s how Moogfest describes the mixer at YouTube:

“_substrate is a WebGL collaboration between musician/producer The Haxan Cloak, graphic designer Mathew Lucas, lead developer David Sweetman of Durham-based digital product agency Smashing Boxes and Moogfest.

“The responsive, interactive application allows users to control individual audio tracks from Moogfest 2016 participant The Haxan Cloak’s remix of Moses Sumney’s cover of Laurie Anderson’s O Superman by swiping+tapping on mobile devices or utilizing the arrow keys+mouse on a desktop device.

“Each of the 8 audio layers has an accompanying WebGL visual rendering and responds with audio initiated by user action. _substrate is in fact a constant layer beneath the official Moogfest website running continuously on every single page, ready for play.”

Watch the video at: