In today’s wrapup of Triangle headlines:

  • LexisNexis is adding jobs at its offices in Raleigh
  • Apple files a counterclaim against Valencell in patent dispute
  • Startup Luxury Shoe Club prepares for kickoff

The details:

  • LexisNexis is adding jobs this year

David Ranii of The News and Observer reports that LexisNexis is adding 150 jobs to its steadily growing work force in Raleigh at NCSU’s Centennial Campus.

The workers are part of the Legal & Professional group. Some 46 employees have already been hired since the beginning of the year, and there are 94 open positions, Ranii reports.

“The growth here in Raleigh … is accelerating,” Michael Lipps of LexisNexis said.

LexisNexis now has 475 employees in Raleigh.

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  • Apple counter-files against Valencell

Apple is fighting back against Raleigh startup Valencell after being sued for patent violations.

Apple filed a counterclaim on Monday, reports Lauren Ohnesorge of the Triangle Business Journal.

The tech giant claims “that certain patents Valencell refers to in its initial suit are invalid in the first place, failing ‘to meet the conditions of patentability,'” she reports.

“While Apple admits Valencell shared ‘limited information’ about its sensor technology (and that certain employees met with Valencell staff, including Valencell co-founder Steven LeBoeuf, as well as accessed white pages on Valencell’s website), it flatly denies Valencell’s patent infringement allegations,” she adds.

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  • Luxury Shoe Club readies beta launch of app for sharing and swapping designer footwear

“From spiky, red-soled stilettos to quilted Chanel booties, one Triangle-based startup wants to ensure women across the country, regardless of budget, have a chance to slip into designer shoes,” reports Meg Garner in ExitEvent.

“It’s all made possible by a mobile application for iOS that offers a marketplace solely dedicated to luxury footwear.
It’s called Luxury Shoe Club, and it’s launching later this year to the masses. Luxury Shoe Club is part of the growing number of companies that take advantage of a “shared economy”. Users post their used designer heels for the chance to swap with other club members.”

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