Want to wield a light saber?

The Star Wars universe is moving to embrace the immersive experience of virtual reality with the help of Cary-based Epic Games. Epic’s latest Unreal game engine – one of the world’s most popular developer platforms – is pushing VR capabilities and recently unveiled its own VR video pitch.

The Star Wars trailer unveiled this week at the Game Developers Conference showcases the VR experiment that’s underway.

“Official Star Wars VR Experience – Trials on Tatooine Trailer” is brief – but as Darth would say:


Lucasfilm revealed the HTC Vive virtual reality experiment which it says “finally lets us wield the Jedi’s iconic lightsaber.”

“Oh,” they add, “and the Millennium Falcon makes a visit.”

“Lucasfilm launched ILMxLab with the express goal of reinventing storytelling through real-time media,” reports RoadtoVR.. “The lab has been experimenting with a range of immersive platforms, and has begun creating short experiences inside of Star War and other franchises to find out how best to utilize this new technology for storytelling.”

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