Serial entrepreneur Tracy Lee has found a second home in Raleigh, and she’s launching a new event series in May.

Venture Hacked, which runs events designed to pair investors and entrepreneurs in a rapid-fire relationship building session, began in Silicon Valley as Lee was preparing to find investors for her last startup, Dishcrawl, which has since been acquired.

“Venture Hacked is focused on bringing a sort of assisted serendipity to the entrepreneur and investor world,” said Lee in an interview. “It’s hard to build real relationships.”

The events, held throughout an evening, feature an investor panel and a speed-networking session for a limited number of investors and entrepreneurs. The first event in the Triangle will kick off on May 11, 2016, and early-bird registration is now open.

“Through our speed investing and genuine conversations, we help facilitate those first sparks that lead to great business relationships,” said Lee.

More than $7 million in investment can be credited to relationships begun or sustained at Venture Hacked events in Silicon Valley, said Lee. Now, she is trying to translate that track record into success here in the Triangle.

“The Triangle has one of the most supportive and vibrant communities I have ever seen,” said Lee, which was one of the many reasons she decided to move here. “Everyone is about supporting each other. Everyone is about promoting what’s happening in the Triangle and doing all things local. It’s inspiring, and I’m excited to be a part of it with Venture Hacked.”

Early bird tickets for the event can be found and purchased here: