When Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games and a recognized hall of famer in the video game industry, speaks the world listens.

That includes giant Microsoft, which responded quickly to a barrage of criticism Sweeney unleashed Friday against its gaming ecosystem. Sweeney’s attack also triggered a wave of headlines across news and gaming sites.

“The Universal Windows Platform is a fully open ecosystem, available to every developer, that can be supported by any store. We continue to make improvements for developers; for example, in the Windows 10 November Update, we enabled people to easily side-load apps by default, with no UX required,” Kevin Gallo, vice president of Windows, told the U.K. Guardian, which unleashed Sweeney’s attack.

“We want to make Windows the best development platform regardless of technologies used, and offer tools to help developers with existing code bases of HTML/JavaScript, .NET and Win32, C+ + and Objective-C bring their code to Windows, and integrate UWP capabilities. With Xamarin, UWP developers can not only reach all Windows 10 devices, but they can now use a large percentage of their C# code to deliver a fully native mobile app experiences for iOS and Android. We also posted a blog on our development tools recently.”

In an op-ed, Sweeny wrote:

“In my view, this is the most aggressive move Microsoft has ever made. While the company has been convicted of violating antitrust law in the past, its wrongful actions were limited to fights with specific competitors and contracts with certain PC manufacturers. This isn’t like that. Here, Microsoft is moving against the entire PC industry …”

He said the Microsoft strategy had to be defeated.

The Guardian noted that Sweeney’s concerns had been “echoed by other developers the Guardian has spoken to is that UWP is a closed platform, which means developers will need to be licensed by Microsoft to distribute games written using the platform. It could also mean that Microsoft will be able to control the sale of PC games and applications, ensuring that UWP titles will only be available through its own Windows Store.”

Global reaction

The Guardian labeled Sweeney’s commentary as an “unprecedented attack on the Microsoft’s direction by one of its most valued game development partners will be seen as a huge blow to the company.”

The paper is right. Check out the sample of headlines and summaries from other media outlets:

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