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HQ Raleigh’s move into Charlotte was perhaps the biggest breaking news of February, but some local startups had their own excitement and readers seemed to enjoy our profiles of a growing group of startups in sports and fitness. Our writers rounded out the month with some solid advice for founders and startup communities, and a deeper analysis into the Triangle Tweeners.

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North Carolina’s sports industry might revolve around its heated rivalries but a growing number of startups are tackling niches within sport and fitness building successful businesses. Check out these profiles.
Duke undergrad and SoloPro and Carpe Lotion employee Tiana Horn is proving that culture can influence business with a new natural hair product startup geared toward African American women.
The beekeeping and apiary installing Durham startup founder went from admiring IDEO as a student at NC State University to earning one of the first OpenIDEO global climate innovation fellowships. We look at what’s next for Bee Downtown with global attention.
National attention is promised to the founders of the five Triangle startups chosen to be featured in a new “Makers and Doers” video series to be produced by Centerline Digital.
Serial entrepreneur and ExitEvent founder Joe Procopio met a bunch of Wilmington entrepreneurs over eight hours at the beach town one recent day and found some similarities to Durham’s journey as a startup hub.
An HQ Raleigh partnership with Packard Place will rebrand the startup campus to HQ Charlotte (at Packard Place) and grow the Raleigh startup hub’s influence across the state.
In the first in a series of posts analyzing the Triangle Tweener list, Scot Wingo plots the 97 post-early stage companies on a map and shares some observations about their locations.
Hints all week before HQ Raleigh’s big news reveal hinted that the two North Carolina startup hubs had some sort of partnership to unveil.
Durham and Austin-based EdTech startup Upswing is moving faster toward its goal of slowing college dropout rates since its recent acquisition of Boston online tutoring platform AskOnline.
Everyone says “customer first” but no one tells you how to do it (and especially without raising money). ExitEvent founder and Automated Insights chief product officer Joe Procopio offers up three ways he has.
The Startup Factory’s Lizzy Hazeltine makes a solid plea for the monthly update email. It’s one of the key ways investors learn how they can help.