KindHeart, a startup focused on lifelike surgical simulators that is backed by the North Carolina Biotechnology Center, has closed on another $600,000 in equity funding.

The firm has now raised more than $1 million from numerous angel investors.

These systems have already generated significant interest among leading medical device companies and surgeons as a result of their ability to simulate “real-world” anatomy and challenges that arise during surgeries, according to the Biotech Center.

“KindHeart specializes in lifelike simulation devices for educating and training surgeons and residents, and assisting medical device companies in selling their products. Its surgery simulation systems use animated animal organs to create what appear to be living human patients upon which real surgical procedures can be practiced,” the Biotech Center has reported.

“Its proprietary ‘Staged Reality’ uses computerized pumps and fluids in these organ systems to teach curriculum-driven, real-world surgical procedures and test new medical products in ways that were not previously possible.”

The latest funding came from 11 investors, according to a securities filing.

KindHeart began raising the $600,000 last summer.

In 2014, KindHeart raised $506,000 from seven angel investors.

The firm also has received two loans from the N.C. Biotech Center.

Last year, KindHeart received a $250,000 strategic growth loan, the funding to be used for manufacture porcine-organ surgical simulators.

SGLs match Biotech Center support with angel group or venture capital investments to fund biotechnology companies that have already established technical proof-of-concept and require further corporate development support.

In 2013, the Biotech Center awarded a strategic research loan to help fund a cardiac surgery simulator.

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