On Friday night, I pitched a business concept, Dog Friendly Durham, to more than 60 strangers at the RTP Frontier as a participant of Triangle Startup Weekend: Social Impact. And I wasn’t the only one: nearly 30 pitches, none longer than 60 seconds, were presented. 

For those that aren’t familiar with Startup Weekend, here’s a six-bullet point primer:

  • A bunch of strangers with a variety of skill sets gather in a facility with great wireless
  • Anyone can pitch a business idea in 60 seconds or less
  • Ideas are up-voted and the top eight to ten ideas emerge
  • The folks that pitched the idea rally together a team of four to seven people
  • That team has roughly 40 hours to build a minimum viable product, validate their business idea, construct a business model, and prepare a pitch deck
  • Teams pitch a panel of judges in a five minute pitch to conclude the weekend

[Last] weekend’s event—organized entirely by a local volunteer team—was designed to attract and encourage people interested in driving social change through business, a category we often refer to as social entrepreneurship.

For the rest of this piece, I’m going to share my story: how I took a seed of an idea, recruited a team, built a company, launched a product, attracted customers, pitched a panel of judges and emerged as the winner of Triangle Startup Weekend: Social Impact.

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