GlaxoSmithKline (NYSE: GSK), which sold its oncology portfolio to Novartis in 2014, is expanding a development deal with Adaptimmune to explore possible cancer treatments.

It’s the latest in a series of investments by GSK, which discloses its latest earnings on Wednesday and is under growing pressure from investors to improve financial performance.

GSK within the last week has committed to two significant investments in investment and research funds.

The revised deal announced Tuesday could see GSK investing as much as $500 million in coming years. The original deal made in 2014 called for as much as $350 million.

Adaptimmune is exploring immunotherapy based on T-cells. 

“With this expanded collaboration, we have the opportunity to accelerate the lead program in synovial sarcoma toward pivotal trials and also to investigate several other tumor types and combine the T-cell therapy with immune-modulating therapies such as checkpoint inhibitors,” Axel Hoos, GSK’ssenior vice president for oncology research and development.

The Financial Times said the deal signifies GSK’s attempt to “rebuild its position in the oncology market.”

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