Facebook is broadcasting live video on its iPhone app.

The option to show live video was turned on Thursday for everyone in the U.S. with Facebook’s app installed on an iPhone. The Menlo Park, California, company plans to extend the iPhone feature to all 1.6 billion of its worldwide users during the next few weeks.

The live video option is coming out after nearly two months of testing in the U.S.

The feature will enable Facebook users to share live video of their adventures and other more mundane activities with friends and family. It’s similar to the live video app called Periscope that Twitter introduced on its messaging service last year.

Facebook Inc. is still working on adding live video to its app for Android devices.

Here’s a quick tutorial from Wired:

“A new icon now appears under your status update, showing an upper body with a double halo over the head, which apparently translates to ‘Live Video.’

“Write a short description of what your audience is going to see, and start filming. You can see the names of friends who are watching, and they can comment on just how deftly you’re scrambling those eggs.

“Once you’re done, they’ll be saved to your timeline, where you can either delete them or keep them for posterity.”

Facebook is still working on adding live video to its app for Android devices.

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