If anyone at IBM (NYSE: IBM) thought that the annoying alliance seeking to organize its workers and acted as a spigot through which a lot of internal company news (from layoffs to staff shakeups) was made public was going to disappear completely, think again.

Alliance@IBM – the effort to unionize IBMers – is closing down. But a new Facebook page titled “Watching IBM” organized by long-time Big Blue workers Lee Conrad vows to “fulfill the information gathering and dissemination that the Alliance did.”

It’s already fiesty.

Among the first posts: A reiteration of a report that another round of layoffs is about to hit the tech giant, which still employs thousands of people in the Triangle and North Carolina despite rounds of layoffs and asset sales in recent years.

Plus, there’s a lengthy letter that is said to have been written by a veteran IBM worker who is plainly disgusted by what’s happening at the company.

That letter and the page already is triggering a good deal of comment and discussion, similar to what could be found in the past in the comments section of the Alliance website.

So what’s going on?

“As the Alliance@IBM will cease to exist as an organization and a Local of CWA it is only proper that a name change take place,” Lee Conrad, who was the national coordinator for the unionizing effort, wrote as the page premiered.

“Watching IBM will try to fulfill the information gathering and dissemination that the Alliance did but without the organizing aspect. If there comes a time where organizing does take place or people want information I will certainly help out.”

Conrad is tenacious, to say the least. He has hardly been quiet since the Alliance shutdown was announced earlier this month. For example, he broke the news about IBM slicing severance packages to one month from a max of six months.

Despite years of frustration in trying to organize workers, he persists in being a voice for those who don’t like what has happened at IBM.

It’s clear Conrad is not going to be quiet. And if the initial reaction to the page is any indicator, he’s going to have a lot of company in venting, disclosing information, discussing and venting about Big Blue.

Responding to an email, Conrad told The Skinny he will actively monitor the site. Active oversight by Alliance helped assure readers that information published there had been vetted, especially IBM documents and seeking identities of posters while assuring they remained anonymous.

“I am going to moderate it somewhat,” he said.

“I won’t let it become the wild west. I have seen what happens.”

Check out the page at: