If your boss is requiring you to work on a “snow day,” are you ready to telecommute or work remotely?

A Chicago firm focused on telecommuting jobs offers tips on how to prepare to clock in and work even in a blizzard or other bad weather.

FlexJobs warns that preparation is a must before the first snow hits and road start closing, so get started!

The tips:

  • Identify your work space

Alternatives to a home office, if you don’t have one set up already, include: the attic, the garage, a small closet. Gather the essentials for quiet work: headphones, cell phone, earplugs, lamp, mouse pad, laptop + charger, pen, paper, etc.

  • Make backup Internet plans

Know which local establishments offer free Wi-Fi ahead of time (if you can venture out). But don’t show up empty handed. Bring a power strip and all of the cords necessary to charge your various devices (a tote is handy here).  PS You will be popular at Starbucks if you have a power strip.

  • Save your work. A lot.

Don’t rely on Google Docs or other online tools; to be safe, save as Word documents. One fallen tree, one blast of wind, can take your work away in a second. And as long as your cell service is on, you can create your own personal hot spot.

  • Swap childcare duties with spouse or neighbors

If there are other neighborhood families stuck without daycare, consider swapping children for a few hours. Or if your partner has vacation days to use, consider asking him/her to be on full-time childcare duty while you work.

  • Set expectations

Set rules for when you can or cannot be disturbed, setting a code signal for an emergency, or writing your schedule out for others in the house and prioritizing based on what you must get done.

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