Monday’s announcement that Uber and Durham-based TransLoc are teaming up to provide public transport riders with route and ride information is seen by GoTriangle as a possible solution to the “last mile” challenge mass transit riders face.

In a Q&A with WRAL TechWire, Brad Schulz, Communications Officer for GoTriangle, talked about why GoTriangle is working with the two firms to launch one of two pilot tests for the program next month.

“Both GoTriangle and TransLoc want to provide transit customers with travel options for the “‘ast mile,’ when transit stops are farther than a comfortable walking distance from a starting point or destination.,” Schultz explained.

“TransLoc has recently partnered with Uber to allow users of TransLoc’s Rider app to see an option to use Uber’s service to get to or from existing fixed-route bus stops. TransLoc is partnering with GoTriangle to make the Uber feature available on the TransLoc Rider app to test its functionality with our customers.”

TransLoc and GoTriangle have worked together in the past, so both know each other well.

“Since 2011, TransLoc has provided real time information for GoTriangle buses,” Schultz said. “Using a computer or mobile phone, a rider can use a website, smartphone app, or text message to find out when the next buses will arrive at their bus stop. Hundreds of customers use the tool every day.”

GoTransit is not paying any licensing fee nor is there a revenue sharing agreement involving users of the apps, at least for the pilot, Schultz added.

TransLoc told WRAL TechWire that it would not discuss the financial terms of the agreement.

GoTriangle has offered in the past a partial solution to “last mile” challenges.

GoTriangle has the Emergency Ride Home program which provides for a trip home if a transit user has to leave work during the day for a home emergency,” Schultz noted. “We see our new partnership with TransLoc and Uber as another way to provide options for our customers.”

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