Don’t have an Internet-connected medical device? Here’s a new way to get digital data to your healthcare provider.

Durham startup Validic, a fast-growing startup focusing on mobile health data technology, is premiering a new way to send patient data to doctors via smartphone cameras. Validic is unveiling the technology today at the CES show in Las Vegas.

You don’t have to take a picture, either.

Called VitalSnap, Validic is using patent-pending technology to expand the reach of mobile health, or mHealth.

“We’re excited to announce this innovative technology that will provide a strong stepping stone for connected health strategies across healthcare,” said Ryan Beckland, CEO and co-founder of Validic.

“Validic is working to connect to any health device on the market using a variety of technical solutions to ensure healthcare organizations, our clients, have access to the actionable data they need. We can’t improve care without critical patient data; this is the reality in healthcare right now. Access to real-time device readings allows caregivers to make quicker, better care decisions.”

VitalSnap already connects to 18 devices. Its variety of mHealth technologies are now linked to 244 devices overall.

Here’s a quick summary of how the process works:

“Leveraging optical character recognition (OCR), VitalSnap enables patients to use their smartphone to quickly capture readings from non-connected digital health devices, such as thermometers and blood pressure cuffs, from the phone’s camera without taking a picture. The information can then recorded within an application and transmitted to a providers’ electronic health record (EHR) or patient portal.”

VitalSnap believes the technology “effectively removes connectivity barriers” and “makes remote monitoring initiatives easier and less time-consuming for patients, caregivers and researchers.”

Other key points, it says, include:

  • Enabling hospitals, health systems, CROs, pharmaceutical companies, and payers to support connections to a large number and wide breadth of device types
  • Allows patients to continue using familiar devices, resulting in increased engagement.

Validic also is participating in a panel discussion today about mHealth initiatives along with Quintiles, which it recently signed as a partner for its technology.

Watch a video demo at:

Last year, Validic raised $12.5 million in funding from investors, including Kaiser Permanente, and was saluted as one of the worl’s leaders in mHealth technology by a leading mobile health journal.