Teaming up with a virtual reality firm and utilizing virtual reality devices from Oculus Rift, Lowe’s is offering more shoppers an immersive way to shop: Through a “Holoroom.”

Think Star Trek holodeck in home improvement.

Lowe’s isn’t offering the Holoroom experience in North Carolina yet. But the North Carolina-based company is showcasing its new offering it the big CES show in Las Vegas. It’s also online at some stores in Ohio and Colorado after announcing the idea in 2014.

“Lowe’s is re-imagining retail with new solutions and experiences that simplify home improvement for our customers,” said Kyle Nel, executive director of Lowe’s Innovation Labs. “Together with Marxent, the Holoroom is helping to bring our customers’ visions for kitchen and bathroom renovations to life before they even start their projects.”

Marxent, which focuses on virtual reality and augmented reality applications for retails and manufacturers, and Lowe’s Innovation Labs teamed up to show Holoroom in Las Vegas.

Shoppers use Oculus Rift goggles to become immersed in the interactive, visual experience of designing and picking products.

Using an iPad, shoppers can pick from thousands of products in aq 360-degree environment.

They also can export their design to YouTube for viewing later, Lowe’s notes.

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