Is this the first real “wow” producer for Lenovo at CES in Vegas?

Aiming to increase its world-leading market share by a third, Lenovo is stretching out as a PC developer with a big play for gamers. Its partnership with game machine-focused Razr produces a new machine as well as a laptop unveiled at CES. But there’s more: Lenovo is developing its first PC game (3D), and there’s a spiffy new 27-inch curved monitor on which to play it. Or other titles, too, of course.

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On Monday, Lenovo said it’s aiming for the “wow” factor at CES with a host of new machines and accessories. Lenovo wants to increase its global market share to 30 percent from 20 percent. And gamers could be a source for growth.

Teaming with independent gaming company Dark Rift, Lenovo is working on “Game State.” Two missions have already been released as it evolves.

But first, the hardware.

For desktops, the Lenovo-Razr partnership has produced the IndeaCentre Y900RE. It includes a BlackWidow Chroma keyboard and a BlackMamba Chroma mouse as well as plenty of dazzling lights – a Razr trademark.

The machine packs plenty of power from Intel and Nvidia. For fast play there’s up to 256 gigs of SSD.

But they are not cheap: $2,299.

For mobile gamers there’s the new IdeaPad Y900, which packs a 17.3 inch screen plus Intel and Nvidia power.

Not cheap, either: $1,999.

Then there’s the fancy curved monitor.

It features plenty of Razer Chroma RGB LEDs on the back panel for a light show during games, notes PCworld. Lenovo is promising a faster refresh rate, too.

Look for it in June for around $600.

Then there is the game.

“Game State”

Why did Lenovo get into gaming?

Gamers “are a very passionate and involved set of users,” Kevin Beck, a senior competitive analyst at Lenovo, told PCworld.. “They want to be engaged.”

So Lenovo launched Game State.

Since the role-playing game is being developed through crowdsourcing, Lenovo and Dark Rift want more players to be involved.

They are calling the game a “sci-fi Tower Defense PC game” with backing from other firms such as FunHaus, Rooster Teeth, Geek & Sundry, Machinima, Nerdist and Twitch.

“You can influence the development at any state of the game,” Lenovo says. “Inspire the artwork, characters, gameplay and more.”

To be as “game changer,” check out:

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