Groundwork Labs, the mentoring program for emerging startups, recently picked 10 ventures for its new “cohort” this winter. Executive Director John Ausin also says the program is making changes.

By the way, Groundwork also has new office space at American Underground @Main rather than in the American Underground where it was among the original tenants but under a different name and focus with an emphasis on videogame startups.

“We have invited several companies to Groundwork who are a bit beyond our usual just-an-idea-trying-to-figure-out-if-we-have-a-business stage,” Austin wrote in a blogpost.

“We’re going to see if we can customize some things that will accelerate their development – we’re calling it G++. We have our largest group since we started in 2012 and will have now had 100 companies participate in Groundwork.”

Companies will complete the program in 2016.

Groundwork also has bolstered its team of advisors, or what it calls “Groundworks-in-Residence” with new members Vickie Gibbs and Jeff Lindsey. They join Scott Barstow, Bryan Hassin, and Lauren Whitehurst,. Also on the team is Developer-in-Residence: Scott Williams, a recent graduate of the Ironyard program.

Here are the 10 companies that will be participating with details provided by Austin:

  • Collis Arrick, David Morris, Brian Cohen, Maurice Robertson, John Senegal – Copula Systems– analytics, merchandise sourcing, and cloud based e-commerce solutions to the resale industry
  • Jim Bao, Ken Lu, Cliff Xie – Aislenet – an indoor “GPS system” for warehouses to more accurately locate pallets in their buildings (G++)
  • Chris Carmody, Jeff Barghout – NexusEMC – planning tools for cities to site electric vehicle charging stations
  • John Cone – Fitfor90 – a monitoring system for athlete readiness and recovery (G++)
  • Jon Hayes, Josh Adell – RewardStock – a website that enables users to more efficiently use their frequent flyer miles and hotel rewards (G++)
  • Jeff Kaplan – ManDog Travel – a website and app for dog enthusiasts that uses geolocation to recommend nearby activities and pet friendly venues
  • Mutuk Karpakakunjaram – AllElements – HR tools for enabling employee goal alignment and engagement, providing employee feedback, and visualizing employee engagement
  • Justin Rothwell, Elliot Poger – ProAxion – failure prediction for rotating machines and equipment (G++)
  • Ricky Spero, Jay Fisher, Travis Gurney – Rheomics – technology to isolate targets like stem cells and circulating DNA in biological fluids
  • Jake Vestal – Vestal Industries – products that automate quality control in the ready-mix concrete industry

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