Travel planning, psychotherapy and furniture buying are all made simpler and potentially cheaper thanks to a trio of local startups that pitched in recent weeks at American Underground’s HelpFest (and appear in the videos below). 

Unanchor is a publisher of online travel guides and itineraries created by locals in cities around the world, and they’re as specific as targeting vegetarians traveling to Los Angeles or James Bond fans hitting up London for the first time. Co-founder Cat Crews shared the company’s story, and gave a demo of a typical guide on the site. 
New to the Triangle, former hospital administrator Michael Levy talked about his two jobs: running a newly-launched website called ShrinkYourself that digitizes counseling or therapy sessions (using machine learning and other technologies) and his research and work as UNC Healthcare’s entrepreneur-in-residence for digital health. He’s working on another new company that could better commercialize the work happening in academia and connect innovators with digital health entrepreneurs.
Here’s a short YouTube video about ShrinkYourself: