Dozens of people in the Triangle have made some easy cash this year thanks to a new software company that democratizes recruiting.

Even more people will get that opportunity in January, when the platform called goes live with more than 100 local employers posting jobs and offering financial rewards for the people who refer a winning candidate. 

Co-founder Ryan O’Donnell explains his mission at EmployUs, and in several ventures he’s started in five years since graduating high school, as “leveraging financial and human capital to build a better world.” In particular, he likes to give access to people who don’t have it right now.

At EmployUs, that means anyone—not just a recruiter or an existing employee—can refer the next Archive Social software engineer or Citrix salesperson. And the more people hired from those referrals, the more money that person earns. Since a beta began in March, 35 companies have posted jobs and paid an average $3,000 reward to the person who referred the winning candidate. 

Large checks hang in company windows throughout the Triangle showing off the amounts earned for making referrals through the new site.

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