Market researchers comScore and Adobe both predicted record sales of some $3 billion on “Cyber Monday,” and a New York-based firm that tracks ecommerce says online buying did smash the old mark. Interestingly, social media was NOT major factor.

Adobe reports $2.98 billion in sales.

Mobile orders were big – stronger than a year ago as smartphones (and tablets, to a lesser extent) grow more pervasive. But there’s an old-time driver also triggering sales: Email marketing.

As for social media being a big factor … well, not this year.

“Cyber Monday 2015 was the biggest day in US online shopping ever,” declares Custora, which tracks sales data from hundreds of retailers utilizing “e” channels.

We’re still waiting for final statistics from Triangle-based ecommerce services firm ChannelAdvisor. But through 3 p.m. Monday, ChannelAdvisor founder and executive chair Scot Wingo says sales were strong across most channels.

But here’s what Custora is reporting through its Ecommerce Pulse report:

  • “Strong growth: E-Commerce revenue was up 16.2% over Cyber Monday 2014
  • “Orders grew 14.7% and Average Order Value (AOV) was up 1.3%, indicating a less promotion-driven Cyber Monday than last year
  • “26.9% of online sales were placed on mobile (phones + tablets), up from 23% on Cyber Monday 2014
  • “Over three quarters of all mobile orders (75.6%) were made on Apple devices, while only 24.2% happened on Android devices
  • “Email marketing was the primary channel driving online sales, accounting for 22.1% of transactions
  • “Social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, etc.) only drove 1.5% of sales”

As for the holiday weekend, Custora ( reports that revenue was up “strong” at 16.4 percent.

However, we should note that Custora won’t provide specific sales figures – just trends.

“Unfortunately we cannot share absolute $$ amounts,” a company spokesperson says.

Adobe, however, did: $2.98 billion.