Zack Mansfield grew up in the Triangle startup ecosystem, learning about entrepreneurship at UNC Chapel Hill and then taking a job out of college with the Council for Entrepreneurial Development (CED). He eventually joined Square 1 Bank in 2007, its second year of business.

The bank solely focused on high-growth potential startups has had a fast climb since that time, and an especially wild last 18 months. After filing an IPO in March 2014, the bank got a compelling acquisition offer earlier this year and closed the $849 million deal in October. Mansfield has been along for the ride. 

He shared about the last nine years at the fast-growing bank at the first Black Wall Street Homecoming event and then went back to basics to explain to entrepreneur-attendees the various ways they can fund their businesses. The final 20 minutes include Q&A and an explanation of the books, podcasts and other resources Mansfield recommends to startup founders hoping to learn more about venture capital and startup financing. 

This video is chock full of helpful information—a great listen or watch for early stage entrepreneurs.
p.s. We apologize for the poor sound quality at the beginning. It was a bustling day at American Underground with all the festivities. More coverage of the events is here.