According to SEC filings, Raleigh-based Queue Software Inc. has closed $3.1 million in a Series A round.

“With our last round of funding we grew from a team of five to 15, with this new round we will likely see similar growth,” said CEO Aidan Cunniffe. “We will add members to our team in the areas of marketing, sales, support and development.”

The company aims to be a pioneer in the field of automated programming. They’re working to release a product, Dropsource, to meet that vision. Dropsource is an automated programming tool that can be used to build a native app for iOs or Android and is currently in private beta testing. Dropsource writes semantic and concise native source code for our users, and gives them complete access to and ownership of the code.

“Our focus is on helping teams build native mobile applications, and we first want to do that extremely well,” said Cunniffe. “We do recognize we’ve built a platform that is capable of much, much more. Our automated programming system can write any type of code.”

The company, based in downtown Raleigh, is headed by Cunniffe, at just 21-years old. Cunniffe founded the company with Nate Frechette and Paul Berg in 2013. The executive chairman is William W. Wilson III. The company also lists Robert Andrews as a board member. Andrews also serves on the Board of Advisors for the Poole College of Management at North Carolina State University.

The company currently has open positions for front-end software engineers. Expect more positions to become available soon.

With the launch of Dropsource, the company plans to rebrand as Dropsource, leaving behind Queue Software, said a spokesperson for the company.

The company is not disclosing the investors that have participated in the round. Folks interested in signing up for the private beta can do so online.