Durham-based Validic, a digital health platform connecting healthcare organizations to data generated by consumer and clinical health and wellness technologies, announced yesterday that it has experienced significant client growth. The company also announced an expansion of core product capabilities.

In the past year, the company has integrated 68 percent more devices and applications to its digital health ecosystem, the majority of which are clinical. Validic also has added new clients across the provider, healthcare IT, pharma and corporate wellness industries and expanded its international footprint into several new countries across Europe, Asia, South America and Australia. The company has also incorporated additional mobile capabilities into its existing digital health platform offerings to provide its growing network of clients access to all forms of relevant data needed to improve care and reduce costs.

“Healthcare is rapidly moving toward a consumer-driven, patient-centered market, where access to device-generated data is becoming increasingly vital to care coordination, population management and patient engagement,” said Ryan Beckland, CEO and Co-Founder of Validic in a statement. “At the same time, it is increasingly difficult for industry stakeholders to connect and integrate all of the data being created from both a technical and business development standpoint.”

“As new technologies enter the market daily, Validic will continue expanding our network and updating our product offerings to meet growing demands,” said Beckland. “As we provide data access to all sizes of organizations around the world, we’re excited to continue providing our clients with the actionable information they need to meet their strategic business initiatives.”

New domestic clients

Notable new domestic clients include:

  • Retrofit – A leading provider of weight management solutions using Validic to enhance their personalized weight management programs with digital health device access, enabling greater insight into users’ behavior and real-time weight loss metrics.
  • Telcare – The provider of the world’s first cellular-enabled blood glucose meter is utilizing Validic to provide data connectivity to its diabetes management mobile application and comprehensive HIPAA-compliant cloud platform.
  • Conversa Health – An innovative provider of customized patient relationship management services is using Validic to help connect its longitudinal patient profiles to comprehensive and secure data from biometric devices, wearables and self-reported entry.

“Validic is one of the few companies truly accelerating the transformation of healthcare,” said West Shell III, CEO of Conversa. “Validic has great leadership and industry insights, they are focused, and they are easy to do business with.”

New international clients

The company has added several international clients, including SportsMed Global and Health&. According to the company, Validic now has customers, clients, and partners in India, Canada, Netherlands, Greece, Italy, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Australia, United Kingdom, Singapore and Chile.

“Working with a global digital health leader like Validic helps propel our strategy to improve healthcare outcomes around the world,” said Health& CEO John Stewart. “By leveraging Validic’s digital health platform, we can deliver our application far more quickly, with better results and functionality, at a dramatically lower cost.”

New integration partners

Validic has also extended its network by adding 68 percent more integration partners over the last year, bringing the company’s total supported devices to more than 215 devices. These new integrations will continue to provide valuable insights to patients and providers helping them better meet remote care goals and needs. Newly connected digital health technologies include:

  • Activity devices and wellness applications, such as Microsoft, Sony, Epson, Suunto, Pivotal Living and InRFood.
  • The remote wellness station Higi, which allows users to obtain weight and biometric data using these health kiosks, available at retail and Rite Aid locations.
  • Visiomed’s BeWell Connect, which provides several medical grade devices to remotely manage patient’s health and wellness. Integrations include an activity tracker, thermometer, scale and blood pressure cuffs , all of which can be connected through a single application.

“Only a few hours after the FDA clearance of our connected medical grade devices, this strategic agreement with Validic enhances BewellConnect’s attractiveness,” said Eric Sebban, Founder and CEO of Visiomed Group. “By associating our name to Validic, world-renowned as the industry reference for its digital health platform providing patient data access, we are becoming, more than ever, a key player, with the largest and most comprehensive solution on the market.”

New product features

In addition to its significant growth, the company has enhanced its Mobile technology, allowing Validic’s clients to embed the ability to capture digital health data – from Bluetooth Smart-enabled clinical devices and Apple Health – directly into their own Mobile applications:

  • Adding Validic’s clinical Bluetooth Smart library to an iOS or Android mobile application allows users of that application to securely connect their Bluetooth Smart-enabled clinical devices and easily share that digital health data with their healthcare organization.
  • Adding Validic’s Apple Health library to an iOS mobile application provides a simple, secure way for healthcare organizations to access the breadth of digital health data captured by Apple’s Health application. This enables healthcare providers to focus on their strategic initiatives while Validic handles the intricacies of the Apple HealthKit application program interface (API).

“We are humbled by our significant growth and international expansion and look forward to continuing to be a part of healthcare’s mission to enable better outcomes and more efficient care at a reduced cost,” said Beckland.